Benefits of Foundry ERP Software Solution

Published: 03rd June 2009
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As automated machines took place in businesses foundry industry has changed the practices in foundry business and now we are going towards best practices for foundries. Foundry industry can concentrate more on business then other technical issues.

It is my experience about foundry men that they are hard worker and dedicated as this business demands. I found them busy in non productive things that can easily fix with the help of our foundry software. As like the machine, foundry software is one of the important tool that helps to concentrate on business rather analyzing non productive things. Foundry software is a tool that is as important as tool invented by foundry engineering to boost up production

These things motivated me to develop the exclusive product for foundry business. We started development in 2004 and we concluded mini ERP solution type product for foundry needs.

Foundry software covers the needs for small, medium and large foundries for all sections such as Marketing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Material, QA, Finance, Accounts and HR

Key Benefits of foundry ERP Software Solution

Cost Effective Solution that is easily affordable to every one!!!

Unlike other ERP packages, Foundry Software Solution is cost effective customize ERP package for foundries.

Easy to Use!!! Foundry ERP Solution is specially designed for foundry industries and hence all terminology, menu and reports designed especially suitable for foundry industries. This specialization empower small & medium foundry members to shape up their organization with all benefit of best prevailing business practice & standard automatically, once they implement Foundry Software for their company.

Easy to Implement & Maintain with Minimum Resources!!!

Considering limited resources in form of "available IT infrastructure" and "tech savvy manpower", foundry software is designed in such a way that it is very easy to use with simple GUI screen and can be managed with single or multiple computer in network with user's based security restriction.

In following segments foundries can be benefited by ERP solution for foundries.

1. Production Planning Control

2. Marketing Department

3. Pattern Shop

4. Moulding Shop

5. Fettling Shop

6. Dispatch

7. Material Testing

8. Attendance and Wages Calculation

9. Store department

Foundry Software solution covers the needs for small, medium and large foundries. We providing cutting edge foundry ERP Solution.

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